Doctor X

Like The Destroyer, - Dr. X was born because a promoter had an idea – not an idea of his own.  In 1967 The Destroyer was working in the Bruiser Snyder territory in Indianapolis and together with the Minneapolis territory, promoted Chicago. In the summer of ’67 The Destroyer had a great match against the AWA Champion, Vern Gagne, and The Doc was born.  After the match, the promoter from Minneapolis asked me to meet him at the Playboy Club in downtown Chicago.  At that time he asked me to come to Minneapolis.  When a promoter asks – you go because they have an idea to make you money.  He wanted a mask man but not the Destroyer - he thought many fans knew who The Destroyer was. For three weeks I went to the TV studio with a mask on and just sat in the TV audience.  On the 4th Saturday, during a live TV match I jumped over the top rope and put “the figure four leg lock” on Vern Gagne.  If your going to attack someone and make an impression it might just as well be the champ.  Three weeks later, Dr. X wrestled Gagne in the Main Event in Chicago and not one person had a clue, including some of the wrestlers and the Athletic commissions knew that Dr. X and The Destroyer were one in the same.  Dr. X had a great run for three years made a trip around the world as The Destroyer from Sept. 1970 – 71 and then returned to Minneapolis during the fall of 1971. He was the AWA World Champion, beating Gagne Aug. 17, 1968, making Doc. X one of the few wrestlers that won more then one legitimate World Title.  The AWA territory ran from Chicago to Denver – East & West – and North as far as Winnipeg and every place in between. It was a great territory with the likes of Verne Gagne, Cowboy Watts, Edouard Carpentier, Black Jack Lanza, Big Bob Windom, Joe Scarpello, Billy Red Lyons, Bruiser & Crusher, Harley Race, Larry Hennig, Pampero Firpo, Stan Kowalski, Strong Man Igor, Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon, Red Bastien, Billy Robinson, Crazy Luke Graham, Pepper Gomez , Rene Goulet, Lars Anderson, Wilber Snyder, Hardboiled Haggerty, Baron Von Raschke, Paul Diamond, Angelo Poffo & Chris Markoff managed by Bobby Heenan.  Kenny Jay and “Scrape Iron” Gadaski are some of the talent the Doc had to wrestle to maintain his identity.                                                                           

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