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The Destroyer
wrestling "Victor the Bear"!! Click here to watch the Destroyer wrestle Victor the Bear.

Before a match with Geogeous George. As part of the agreement, at the conclusion of the match, Geogeous George shaved all his hair off when he lost to The Destroyer. United States Heavyweight
Championship belt.
The World's Greatest Maskman belt. The Destroyer aboard the naval destroyer, U.S.S. Preble.

The Destroyer on the Regis Philbin Show (Regis on right).
A morning work out routine on the Hawaii tour with Billy Robinson. Enjoying the surf with his two sons, Kurt and Rich. Former Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jim Kelly purchasing a Destroyer ring mask for charity. Jim Kelly wearing his mask & posing with the real Destroyer.

The Destroyer visits Children's Hospital. Shawn Douglas WCW's franchine wrestler plays table hockey with Children's hospital patient! The Destroyer takes a peak! Legends: The Destroyer and Billy "Red" Lyons, WCW announcer Mike Tenay, current WCW wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The Destroyer, Billy Red Lyons, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The Destroyer, Billy "Red" Lyons, Legend and Spanish announcer Pedro Morales, and New York State Referee, Frank Adams.

The Destroyer, Kevin Nash, and Billy "Red" Lyons. WCW at University of Buffalo football game to promote WCW show on September 16, 2000. Picture includes wrestlers, Buffalo Jills, WCW Girls and wrestling legends The Destroyer and Billy "Red" Lyons. The Destroyer and Billy "Red" Lyons introduced at WCW show in Buffalo on September 17, 2000. WCW show in Buffalo with legends The Destroyer with Canadian Billy "Red" Lyons, with his Mapleleaf girl.  The Destroyer with Andre the Giant - "Andre, we all miss you. You made

A scene from the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. The Destroyer pictured here with Empire Sport's mascot, Bubbles the Clown, and the Destroyer's wife Wilma . Wahoo McDaniel wearing a Destroyer T-shirt.     Destroyer fan Bill Burnett pictured with a ring mask & poster of the Destroyer.

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